Cali Rodi Sounds Like Pop Royalty In “God Save The Queen”

Cali Rodi

With an electric beat and a mature kind of girl power, the new single from Cali Rodi, “God Save The Queen” is an empowering track that embraces pop at its core. While it confronts the difficulties many young women face, from breakups to misogyny, it also celebrates how these struggles are overcome. Musically and lyrically, this is an upbeat, feel-good song that looks to awaken positivity in its listeners.  

Produced by Lindgren, who is known for his pop and EDM beats, it is no surprise “God Save The Queen” is a high-energy track that listeners can dance to. Paired with vocal production from Emily Wright, who has worked with pop icons like Britney Spears, Rodi’s single came together as a modern pop song that utilizes the genre’s classic fun-loving attitude while tapping into the difficult conversations women often share with each other.

Rodi drew inspiration for “God Save The Queen” from her personal desire to find strength and power after being physically assaulted. With lyrics like “God save the girl who’s holding keys between her fingers walking back to her apartment all alone,” it is clear that this song works to extract hope from very challenging circumstances. Her 2017 single “Party Favor” deals with a similarly serious topic, transforming it into an empowering pop anthem.

Rodi’s ability to combine classic pop vocals and her own perspective in “God Save The Queen” is a testament to her status as a rising pop artist. Her positive attitude is ingrained in her music, making her songs an uplifting experience for any young pop lover. As she works on her upcoming project with Emily Wright, there is no doubt Cali Rodi has more pure pop tracks to come.

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