Camp Century Opens Minds With ‘Paopu’

Camp Century

Music is meant to be a shared experience. It has become more normal over recent years for artists to work together and collaborate to create new sounds. This ‘open-source’ style of collaboration has created more of a team element in the music scene. This much needed shift will lead us to an influx of amazing music. A great starting example is the sound of our recent find Camp Century.

The project originally from Arizona is the brainchild of lead vocalist, producer, and songwriter Dylan Helms. After a few singles and captivating live performances in 2019, Camp Century relocated to the creative epicenter of New York City. From here the project became more of a creative outlet to support and collaborate with other artists. This blending of sounds and influences added to the unique Camp Century sound. 

August 28th saw the release of the 3 song EP Paopu. The creative energy jumps out right away on the title track “Paopu”. The layered sounds show off tremendous production skills as the song builds to reach your soul. The effortless vocal delivery eases into your soul as well.

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Camp Century turns to a more experimental vibe on “Kokoro” as bouncy bass sounds clash with vintage synths to build a melody that puts some pep into the speakers. Rapper Sesso is brought in for a verse that takes the track into another level. Lyrics that are meant to make you think and relate to your own life. Again the vocals of Dylan Helms lead the way toward more introspection.

There is more of a rock tone on “Things That I Feel” but not in the standard (boring) way. Camp Century takes pride in switching up the sound to take us n a direction that we did not really see coming. This is what new music is supposed to do, and in turn, demands multiple listens.

We look forward to more music coming soon.Keep an eye and ear out for Camp Century on Instagram.

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