Seven Crows Share A Story Of “Two Swords”

Seven Crows is an instrumental musical project from Los Angeles’ violinist and producer, Christopher Murphy. The focus on this project was to create a sonic soundscape for listeners to escape to. Thus Seven Crows has worked diligently to craft his own, unique place within instrumental music.

“Two Swords” is the latest single from Seven Crows. Released September 18th, this track showcases what is to come from Murphy. “Two Swords” appears on the upcoming album, Secrets of Navigation, set to release October 2nd. Murphy set forth to ensure that Secrets of Navigation takes listeners on a cinematic and sonic journey, and “Two Swords” hold true to that.

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“Two Swords” proves to be about as cinematic as they come, taking you on a nearly four minute long instrumental journey. You can feel Murphy’s intentions behind every second within the song. Starting you out by slowly plucking away, and as time passes within the song, layers begin to stack up and create something wholly unique.

Many instrumental projects focus heavily on intricate guitar work to tell the story, but here there are many shining stars that help create the overall mood within “Two Swords.” Distorted violin stands out among the mix, providing a classical sound with a Seven Crows twist upon it.

Given it’s instrumental nature the meaning is up to the interpretation of the listener, but Seven Crows has put in the effort to make sure that no matter what emotion it is, “Two Swords” will leave you feeling SOMETHING. If nothing else, it left me looking forward to more to come from Seven Crows.

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