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Jason Chaos

Collaboration is at the heart of creating new music. An artist must always be looking to work with others to expand their skills and their sound. Our friend Jason Chaos has put himself in the right spots to create opportunities, including a new single with Melle Mell. 

We had the chance to chat with the hard working goth rapper to get a little deeper into what he is building. Enjoy the interview:

First off, tell us about the name Jason Chaos?

I always like the word “Chaos” because it’s legendary and has a lot of meaning to it. My favorite meaning is that chaos falls somewhere between the lines of good and evil and can remind you to awaken. I also would like to show people how to be comfortable in changing their last names to whatever energy they feel within themselves. I remind myself with all kind of energy around me “Chaos is all” ha. My alter ego likes to wake up the bad to be good and the good not to fear. But that’s one of the many reasons I have for the name Chaos.

How would you describe your sound ?

I create my sound similar to my drawings. I like to make my drawings to come out like sound. I  match virtual art into my sound imagination. It all depends on my feelings. 

Which artist have had the biggest influence on you? 

Ohh man just too many, can’t name just one. But here’s a mix: Elvis Presley, Rosetta Stone, Ice Cube, Alice in Chains, Alice Cooper and NWA.

What drives you to create original music ?

I love new ideas and I do my best even though a lot of styles are already relevant in present. I like to mix different flavors up and it always come out different and new. We should always mix the ingredients and refine the finished art with a new concept or theme. Moreover, I enjoy do the opposite of what people are too familiar with”. 

Tell us about the first meeting with Melle Mell?

I met Mr. Mell at a party I co promoted with  “Noel Ashman” one of the biggest nightlife persona promoters for celebrities when it comes to going out in NYC!

We organized a New Years Party in 2019, and Melle Mell was performing. I knew a film Director “Eric Rivas” who attended the party and he introduced me to Melle. Eric Rivas planned on including me and Mell in a future film and it developed from there.  We wound up putting a song together before the pandemic that fit perfectly in what was about to play out in reality, the film has a mind blowing storyline built around the pandemic. Concrete Shakin is about living in the present and not waiting for an earthquake or pandemic to own up to your failures. Don’t wait, act now.

Share some advice for other artists trying to make a name for themselves?

I say go out there and just do it! Believe in yourself! Show yourself and make others see that you are already a star, tell yourself you will make it even when doubt creeps in.  The power and energy is in your mind and what you give you will get back, because the energy you give will allow the Universe to listen and guide you on the path you make in your art. Try to impress yourself or even amaze yourself!  That’s when you will really challenge yourself in the right way.  Always try to top yourself rather than others. And show others how to be open as well.  

Give us a look at the future of Jason Chaos?

The future is now and beyond. We are lucky that we experienced two different centuries in one lifetime,the late 1900’s and the early 2000’s. I say the time now is the “New Golden Age” for artists, either to create something completely new or bring something from the past back alive with a new style of look and sound. Because in this new whole new century why not give people in the future something original. I want to start something new, collaborate and turn sound and songs into like imaginary drawings to the mind with beats and lyrics. Have many mixed feelings to put into songs as a ride to a thought and picture with a dance.

Keep up with more of Jason Chaos on his INSTAGRAM.

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