Designed Conviction Shares Passion and Message

Designed Conviction

It is well known that music has the power to transcend reality. We can use this power both in our highest highs and our darkest lows. It can be a savior and an escape from the real world when we most need it. Our recent discovery Designed Conviction has taken this to prime examples with his music and the meaning behind it.

The project is the brainchild of talented songwriter Taylor Conley. His story is a troubled one. As a teenager, Taylor was sent away to Tranquillity Bay in Jamaica, a hostile residential treatment facility for troubled teens that lacked the professionals to truly help the children. 

The Story of Designed Conviction In Song

After making his way back to Longview, Washington, the world would take him into a downward spiral of crime and hard drugs. At only 20 years old, Taylor was arrested and wrongly charged with aggravated murder in the first degree. While in prison Taylor turned to art, his poems, and music as an escape from the reality he was stuck in. Music became his life and a unique sound was created and turned into Designed Conviction. The goal of the project is to provide hope for the hopeless and help for the helpless.

Recently Designed Conviction released the Free Taylor – 3 Song Hit Pack. Right from the start on “So Cold (Acoustic)”, the raw feel lets the emotion pour right through the speakers. The simple guitar and vocal production allow it all to come together in a way that draws the listener in close. This emotion continues on “These Eyes”. The soulful voice of singer Caleb Twidwell spins a tale that we all want to hear, and help the damaged protagonist. 

The rock guitar energy gets turned up for the finale “Can’t Turn Back Now”. The soundscape is full here with drums laying the beat. The guitar is the star though as it squeals along with a true professional’s touch. It definitely leaves us yearning for more.

Keep up with Designed Conviction and the growing story behind the mission HERE.

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