Frankie and The Studs are “(Not Your) Victim”

Frankie and The Studs are defiant and unapologetic in their latest single “(Not Your) Victim, ” a gritty rock ‘n roll track that rejects toxic cultural norms. It is a guitar-driven song that is expertly layered to deliver maximum ‘f*ck you’ impact. With a targeted and relevant message packaged in the form of a catchy rock track, it is a song for rock lovers who are ready to shake things up.

The vocals are deep and self-assured, delivering lyrics that call out patriarchy and highlight women’s strength. Lines like, “You told me not to say a word/You thought you could break me/I’m not that fragile” drive these ideas home. Despite its serious meaning, it still manages to be upbeat and fun to listen to. “(Not Your) Victim” is a song the exemplifies the kind of attitude and sound many young people are drawn to.

Not only do Frankie and The Studs have a killer sound, they have the aesthetic to match. Gothic, edgy, and uniquely glamorous, it embodies rock’s traditional nonconformist attitude. Undisputedly badass front woman and guitarist Frankie Clarke even has a mullet and often wears custom latex bodysuits.

Since 2016, the Los Angeles-based group has been releasing music. Past tracks from Frankie and The Studs have always felt rebellious and youthful. While “(Not Your) Victim” maintains this attitude, it digs deeper musically and lyrically. It is indicative of the band’s ability to evolve and grow into their own.

There is no denying that Frankie and The Studs are a part of the new musicians pushing rock music forward. With powerful tracks that make relevant, real-world statements, this group is bound to resonate with listeners. “(Not Your) Victim” is certainly a song many will have on repeat.

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