Every band wants to perform for and get noticed by the key teenage demographic.  These potential fans can be a band’s lifeblood for years to come.  We came across an interesting opportunity that makes this possible.  Why haven’t you heard of Camplified yet?

CAMPLIFIED, a concert touring property acting as a marketing vehicle for musicians, is celebrating its 12th season in 2013.  This opportunity provides musicians tour exposure in captive settings for their band, innovative perks for their fans, and social media outlets all bundled together by CAMPLIFIED.  Why did I not think of touring summer camps?

Camplified concert 2013

In a time in the music industry where it is challenging to find the right avenues to explore for artists in development, this tour does just that. CAMPLIFIED has been in existence for 12 years with an incredible track record and continues to expand its reach both on the ground and through social media outlets. Hear.Here LLC, a Primary Wave Music company, delivers quality entertainment to captive markets of teens and tweens through a unique, age appropriate ROCK CONCERT experience. The concert tours feature emerging artists in a stage-show that accomplishes Hear.Here’s multi-faceted commitment to creating a unique experience for its participants, being a responsible partner to its hosts, and a resource to the summer camp industry.

Embraced by Billboard as “Lollapalooza for the tween crowd” and declared “a highly anticipated event” by the New York Times, CAMPLIFIED brings emerging artists to campers between the ages of 6 and 17, many of whom will be experiencing their first-ever VIP rock concert, in style! CAMPLIFIED creates a daylong interactive fantasy experience that adds a heightened dimension to the traditions that have made summer camp a rite of passage for generations.

If your band would like to be considered for CAMPLIFIED, please go to  http://camplified.com/Main/Submissions.

CAMPLIFIED is a win-win experience for everyone; campers, artists and brand sponsors. Campers get a celebrity, music and branded live concert performance, emerging bands/artists get to go on tour, perform on a festival stage and build their fan-base; and sponsors get to directly connect their brand with a concentrated audience of teens and tweens.  For further information, review the artist deck at  http://camplified.com/artistdeck.


For more information, please visit:

Website- www.camplified.com

Facebok- www.facebook.com/camplified

Twitter- www.twitter.com/camplified

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