It’s pretty rare to find a band that combines excellent musicianship, great songs, and thoughtful lyrics. Canvas Radio is one of those bands that seem to have the whole package. Painting with a mosaic of complex colors, they combine folk, rock, alternative, soul, and even a little jazz to their palate – while blending it together in a delightful montage for the pleasure of all who have ears to hear.

Canvas Radio

As the acoustic number “Tin Man” opens off their EP, the listener is able to sort of mellow out into a sense of reflection, connecting to the artist’s expressed vulnerabilities. As the album progresses, the arrangements become more intricately shaded, as jazz chord structures are mixed with smooth piano – making one draw up connections with The Dave Matthews Band, Darius Rucker, Van Morrison, and maybe even early Jars of Clay music– while at the same time adding their own unique nuances to the “canvas” so as to maintain a definite originality.

While all the songs are notably moving, this reviewer’s favorite track is “Chapter” – written about the life of a female (in the 3rd person) as envisioned through delicate lyrics such as “She walks like she’s in a losing battle with gravity” … and “she prays for some better days.” The words, acoustic-tinged arrangement, active bass, and wintery piano prompts this listener to want to warm up his own cup of coffee and meditate on whether he’s doing all that can be done to “make his world a better place.” It’s a life-landscape number with which many will likely relate. Another personal favorite song is the closing piece “The Genius of Youth,” which rounds out the EP by showcasing the band’s ability to change up their time-signature and venture into an even wider spectrum of soundscapes. With introspective lyrics such as “pride is a curse we breathe” – and the climactic, soulful question “when will we rise?” the listener is transported through an artistic array of empathy while maintaining hopefulness that dark hues will one day become bright.
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-Francis H – Reviewer with Indie Band Guru

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