Sometimes we find a group that is much more than just the music.  When a group is able to create something that is bigger than themselves it gives them lasting power and the ability to stick together through the ups and downs of a music career.  The group we found today follows a path like this and will be making music way into the future whether they find commercial success or not.  Welcome to BUNKS.


BUNKS is a hip hop group from Manchester, Tennessee that began making music back in 1999.  Being from, maybe not the best area for hip hop, has made them more independent and caused them to create a movement.  In addition to music BUNKS is a philosophy:  Bringing Unmatched Noise Knowledge and Sound.  Their strength is their vision, values and dedication to their clear cut goals.  It is not just about making “banging tracks’ but improving the local music scene and music industry in general on BUNKS terms.

The latest BUNKS record is Generica.  The album is an expose of sorts of the society we live in today filled with addiction, obesity, consumerism, and ignorance.  This is their attempt help the human species from consuming itself into destruction.  Songs like ‘Addicted’ charge at the problems head on and challenge the listener to take control of their own life.  A favorite of mine is ‘Trapped’ with its smooth soulful backbeat that forces the focus to the imposing vocals. BUNKS makes their meaning clear with lyrics like “We do this for the passion; we do this for the love”.  The ode to the Manchester, Tennessee community ‘Coffee Flavored Memories’ is another strong track with a mellow piano based beat.  100% of sales for the single go directly to the Hillsboro Community Backpack Program which helps feed hungry children in their community. Visit  The talented writing continues on other standout songs such as ‘All These Thoughts’, ‘We Rock We Roll’ and ‘If I Die’.  Generica is an album full of meaning and revolution that needs to be heard by more of the masses.  When you are ready to open your eyes to the movement go take a listen at:

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