Canyons and Locusts Look Deep Into ‘Buck Dharma’s Eyes’

Canyons and Locusts

Canyons and Locusts new track “Buck Dharma’s Eyes” brings back memories of the early 2000s. With the gritty guitar and equally gravelly vocal performance, you can imagine this tune introducing the latest coming-of-age blockbuster that will have teens and young adults lining up around the block. 

The track, which only runs for just under 2 minutes, has cryptic lyrics. The chorus, and track title, focuses on Blue Öyster Cult member Buck Dhama, an eccentric stage name created at the beginning of the band’s career. 

The confusing nature of the lyrics makes “Buck Dharma’s Eyes” an endlessly intriguing track, demanding further listens to try and understand. Is it a track to be interpreted, however? Who knows! The repetition of “amen” could indicate the song is some kind of prayer and the chorus insinuates breaking away from the “hivemind” of the general population. The theories keep running around our heads! 

What do you think the track’s about?

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