One of the true joys of being in a band is getting to perform your original songs in front of an audience that is there to share in your art.  There is something amazing about making that connection with a crowd.  A band we came across that will do anything for a good show is Captain Smooth Talk.

Captain Smooth Talk

The Southern California based band plays a unique style of ska/punk.  The energy is evident from the first sounds you hear from the group.  What started back in the Spring of 2010 as a bunch of high school guys getting together to play music has developed into a serious band that still just wants to have fun.  Captain Smooth Talk is made up of Jimmy – drums, Scott – lead vocals, Paul – guitar, Alex – guitar/occasional bass, Josh – bass/occasional guitar, Johnny – trumpet.  Together they are willing to play anywhere at any time.

In advance of their upcoming full-length album, Captain Smooth Talk has released the EP Third I Sight.  The 4 song record is a good entry into their energetic fast paced style.  The opening title track features some spoken word before diving into a speedy guitar coupled with horns to add to the party atmosphere.  This style may have fallen out of the mainstream but it is apparently alive and well.  The punk influence shows off on “Self Governed”.  The powerful driving drums carry the tune as the vocals add a smooth feel to the track.  There is a story to tell.  The closer “Sugar Street” focuses more on the horns as a lead on the mellowed out delivery of a song put the listener in a relaxed mood.  You can keep up with the band at:


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