Many rappers out there think it is all about shock value and making up outlandish stories.  Our latest find E-Newt knows that poetry is the basis for all great flows.  He finds the beauty in the words and is set to share his view of the world.


The Oklahoma City native is young in years but very mature with his music.  Earlier this year E-Newt released the album Tragically Beautiful.  The 10 track record shows off a diverse talent within both lyrics and production.  With the spooky vinyl loop of the first track “Rich Girls” you know you are in for something unique.  The title track “Tragically Beautiful” lets E-Newt flow his signature real lyrics telling how he truly feels over a mellow yet somewhat eerie beat.  At times it seems like two songs in one.  The high end piano riff of “Mary Anne” sets another tone for the rapper to share his story over.  This is a man who can go in different directions but still stay true to his passion.

Get a listen to the full album for yourself at:–Tragically-Beautiful-mixtape.599967.html


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