Get A Little “Careless” With Anna May

Anna May

With times being as uncertain and uneasy as ever before we could all use a little something that will soothe our souls and help make us feel whole again. Anna May is an alt-tragic Americana artist who has made it a goal in her life to weave wisdom and peace into her music, and a new single from her has come just in the nick-of-time.

Positivity, meditation, and connection are key themes throughout Anna’s music as well as her life. Every song brings to light new hope through the darkness. Using her naturally soothing and effervescent voice and her raw lyrical content, Anna uses her music to heal.

“Careless” is the latest soul-soothing piece from Anna May. Released in early-March, this single acts as an open-letter to future lovers. “Don’t be too careless with my heart.” True to Anna’s writing style, “Careless” feels like a stream of consciousness as she processes her thoughts and feelings on what could be.

“Careless” allows Anna to tackle complicated emotions and thoughts without judgment and with grace and beauty. Gentle guitar strums compliment the delicate state of May’s voice as she works through her inner fears and thoughts on emotional intimacy. Every word and note is meant to leave you feeling, thinking, and growing.

Fans of Ingrid Michaelson, Birdy, and A Fine Frenzy will find themselves swooning over the talent Anna May possesses. “Careless” is out now on BandCamp and Spotify!

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