In the search through our never ending pile of music submissions at Indie Band Guru we came across a rock band from Finland.  Assuming it was another metal band where I couldn’t understand the lyrics, I put it aside.  Today I felt I could use some metal to pump me up for work so I decided to take a listen to it.  What I heard was much more than just another Finnish heavy metal band.  Let me introduce you to Carved In Ashes.

The band does consider itself in the metal genre but adds touches of progressive rock and atmospheric sound to their innovative mix.  The band was formed in 2009 as two jam groups merged into one and then kept adding interesting pieces, such as a 5 string bass player and an atmospheric sound designing keyboardist.  The new sound is more progressive than anything else and sets Carved In Ashes outside of the Finnish metal mainstream.

The band recently released their second EP entitled The Drowned Silhouette and is ready to carve a new trend with the sound.  This record builds on what they did in the past but takes off on new tangents, introducing deeper more sophisticated and more versatile facets of the band’s music. The song ‘Lupus Homini’ is a spacey sounding epic with hints of power metal and strong vocals throughout the eight minute piece.  ‘Midnite Solitude’ begins as a soft piano ballad with Juanma Draven’s vocals echoing as the soundscape builds.  Each band member takes their turn adding their element until the song builds into a ready-for-mainstream rock song.

Bottom Line: Carved In Ashes has evolved their sound for the better with The Drowned Silhouette and seems poised to carve out their own special piece of the Finnish rock genre.  Take a look and listen at:

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