Not every band out there is out to change the world or invent some new musical style that will change the face of music.  Some bands just want to write radio friendly rock songs and have fun doing it.  There is an honesty in that and you have to appreciate it.  One such band that is living that dream is One Way State.

The band is not alone in their hometown of Edmonton, Canada in their quest for straight ahead rock and roll stardom.  One Way State has built a strong following in western Canada with their intense live shows that have been described as hour long controlled explosions.  They have been touring the area and spreading their message of crisp melodies, loud guitars, and a thundering rhythm section to a crowd ready for it.

One Way State recently released their second EP The Right Time and is fully prepared to bring it to the masses.  The opening track ‘Riot (Midnight War)’ doesn’t take long before it slaps you in the face with a catchy start-stop verse and a melodic guitar line that carries the listener through a fun little journey.  ‘The Chase’ is another driving rock song reminiscent of The Foo Fighters with a beat that forces you to bang your head along to the drums.  Guitarist Nick Moir is not afraid to strut his soloing skills, which in my opinion is a rare thing in today’s pop rock music.  All six songs on this record carry the same in your face rock and roll sentiment and at the same time a sugary popness that make them approachable to the masses.

Bottom Line: One Way State is a fun band that is here to rock.  If you are ready to have a good time with no grandeur expectations, check them out at:

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