We will always be thankful for the freedom to create experimental music that does not aim to be in any mainstream box but instead aims to create something different and new.  Taking classic sounds and mixing them up can make quite the experimental effect.  Take for example our discovery of Cedar Reed.

Cedar Reed

The greater Los Angeles based band cinsiders themselves highly experimental putting together a variety of genres that mash together in the strangest of ways.  The duo is made up of Danny Burkett on bass guitar. Cedar (andy reid) on guitar drums and vocals.  Blues is the basis of their sound but there are heavy does of everything from Stomp rock to avant-garde ramblings.  Cedar Reed is for people with open minds that can truly appreciate a raw and original sound.

Back in May Cedar Reed released their Man On The Left EP.  The 5 track record takes the listener on quite the sonic journey.  The opener is a raw cover of the ESG song “Up,up Down, down (My Love For You)”.  Right away you find out that these guys are out to make music to shock your ears in a beautiful way,  The title track “Mon On The Left” leads with a catchy melody that will get deep in your soul as the raw guitar attack and spoken word vocals keep you guessing where the song will go next.  The title for “Stoned And Missed It” suits the track perfectly.  The trance inducing beat will have your mind wandering but always coming back to hear the low underneath vocal.  Cedar Reed also just recently released the single “Wake Me Up In ‘96”.  It is a more rockin’ track that bleeds raw energy and has that live feel like you are standing in front of the band bobbing your head.  Take a listen for yourself at: http://cedarreed.bandcamp.com/

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