Some bands can just keep on developing over time and move forward with the constantly changing music industry.  We introduced you to the band Grenouer a while back and they just keep on refining themselves into a band that needs to be known.


The band from St Petersburg, Russia has been together and churning out misc for 20 years now.  What began as an extreme metal outfit gradually developed into a refined play of advantageous songwriting and scrupulous production.  Grenouer manages to keep their music fresh and sounding new even through all these years and all their albums.

The band has now returned with their 8th studio album entitled Unwanted Today.  It is a 13 track exercise in what modern rock can sound like.  The title track “Unwanted Today” opens with some intensity that gives way to soaring vocals making for a complete song to lead the record with.  On “Something Really Bad” the group blends pretty vocals with a catchy guitar melody that builds throughout into an explosion of sound.  The hard rock can be felt on the instruments of “I Can’t Stand It” but the song remains emotionally accessible for fans of all types of rock music.  The lead single of the album “Point Of New Return” is the ballad of the album with feelings being shared along with mellow sounds.  That doesnlt last through the whole track though as a progressive rock tone takes over as the song hits its climax.  Enjoy the professional music video here:


The album closes with the spacy “Clearway” showing that Grenouer can truly go in any direction that they see fit.  This is professional songwriting.  Keep up with the band at:

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