One of the beauties of music is that it can bring together people that may have never even met each other if it wasn’t for the pull of making music.  Our recent find Happiness To Life is made up of two people that don’t seem to fit together on first glance but music unites them.


The group based in Lakeland, Florida is made up of King Fernand and Juan Arango.  You can tell that they both enjoy all that goes into creating music.  Juan grew up in Medellin, Columbia and provides all the graphic design for Happiness To Life.  King grew up in Haiti and New York.  He does all the composing and arranging for the band.  There is a wide variety of influences between the two of them that has come together to create a new and positive sound through Happiness To Life.

The latest release from the group is “Best Day Of My Life”.  It is a fresh and poppy tune that provides an uplifting feeling to anyone listening to it.  The melody is catchy but the performance is a little raw and sounds too computerized at times.  This is certainly a good start though because Happiness To Life has the positive vibe and puts all of their heart into the music.  We expect them to keep growing and release some great music.  Keep up with the development at:

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