Is A Celebrity Guest What Your Awards Ceremony Is Missing?

Awards Ceremony

There are plenty of reasons that you may be organizing an awards ceremony – and to be honest, any excuse will do! From corporate events to reward and motivate staff members, to sports club awards dinners and other hobbies, an awards ceremony can be an excellent opportunity to get together with friends and colleagues in a different environment to celebrate successes.

In itself, an awards ceremony can also be a great motivational tool – the lure of an award and recognition could encourage individuals to work harder towards their personal goals, furthering the goals of the whole team in the process.

It’s important to make sure that your awards ceremony is an appealing prospect to potential invitees – the conference room at your workplace with a few limp balloons just won’t cut it if you want to have real impact – you’ll need a real venue, real catering and most importantly, real entertainment from one of the country’s best entertainment agencies.

For those not receiving an award at a given moment in time, attending an awards ceremony isn’t in itself a particularly interesting way to spend an evening, so keeping proceedings light and entertaining is key – pick a funny host to conduct the ceremony and opt for an unfamiliar face – novelty does wonders for keeping an audience interested.

A celebrity guest can be a brilliant way to pep up an awards ceremony and ensure that no-one forgets your event. While inviting a celebrity to host an event with which they aren’t intimately familiar may be a bit of a stretch, there are plenty of other ways to involve them.

If you have a particularly prestigious award to be handed out (like Employee of the Year, Player of the Year or a Lifetime Achievement award) then perhaps a relevant celebrity guest could announce the winner and give a short speech?

It will help to add to the prestige of your awards ceremony and not only delight the recipient, but also motivate other audience members to work towards achieving that accolade at future awards evenings and having it presented by a celebrity.

Equally, a comedic celebrity speaker or someone with a reputation for witty repartee would make an excellent co-host for your ceremony, without the pressure or expectation of being the main event.

Of course, you can also engage a celebrity speaker in a more traditional role as an after dinner speaker, providing some entertainment either before or after the event gets underway. Because of the light-hearted feel of an awards evening, it’s important to book a celebrity speaker who suits the occasion – someone who can offer good anecdotes to keep the mood upbeat and fun.

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A celebrity guest will ensure that your event is talked about long after it has taken place and could even encourage attendance in the first place. Contact London-based agency MN2S to find out more about the different celebrity talent available on its books.

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