The Amazing Guitar Skills Of Jamie Villarreal

Jamie Villarreal

There are some musicians out there that have truly mastered their instrument.  Anyone who has ever picked up an instrument knows that this is never an easy or quick task.  When the passion strikes though, and the individual is willing to put in the long hours and hard work, magic can happen and talent is born.  We recently discovered Jamie Villarreal and his amazing skill.

The gifted guitar player was born in Tustin, California, but grew up in Orange County. His early childhood years were spent listening to his mother singing and playing accordion and father playing guitar.  Jaime Villarreal would also listen to his father’s classical, blues, and rock cassette tapes and records that included Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Van Halen, and the other guitar gods of the time.  

He fondly remembers his first guitar, a 1979 Fender Stratocaster with heavy ash body and black pickguard. Jaime still holds on to this piece of family history.  His father was his first role model and teacher but the love of the instrument pushed him further into classical guitar lessons to help him gain a better understanding of what he was doing with his tool.  Years later, after taking music theory and composition classes in college, Jaime has perfected his art and polished his own musical identity.

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Jaime enjoys the creative freedom of writing original music, practicing improvisation, and creating distinctive musical renditions of his favorite songs, bands, and players, which he uploads to YouTube for his fans to enjoy.  

Watching the amazing movements and technical skills will leave any music lover in awe.  Besides the on-stage excitement, this artist finds many more ways to enjoy sharing his music with other people. Jaime wants to help more people learn to play guitar so he offers online guitar lessons for people around the globe. He sees his teaching as a way to provide mutual inspiration.

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