Cello/Phn Tells Us ‘What Happened To Monday’


Donald Price aka Cello/Phn (pronounced cellophane) is on a mission. Finding musical interest at an early age, his creative childhood included choir and high school bands. Like any creative kid, other aspirations blossomed. Unfortunately, these aspirations were hampered by constrictive parents. Joining the Army became the catalyst to becoming the man he’s always envisioned. The man he is today. Lack of creative support in his adolescents drives Cello/Phn to inspire. He follows a proclamation of don’t give up, don’t allow yourself to be boxed in. That proclamation’s DNA is found in his EP, What Happened To Monday.

Paying homage to a song the world has sung is “Little Light”. Subdued boozy rhythm gives “Little Light” a chopped and screwed sway. In contrast, the driving single “Do It” sits on classic tech-house underpinnings. Hi-hat hits cut as triggered samples orbit the traveling vocal line. I would succinctly describe the track as a futuristic, hedonistic, head-bobbing affair.

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Beautifully layered like the walls of the Grand Canyon is the runaway single “Higher”. Following a simple drum pattern are rich resonating guitar notes. Cello/Phn’s vocals carry a lucid dream feel with suave intensity builds. Sparingly sprinkled sampled chimes accentuate the lucid feel. The bridges are magnificent as Cello/Phn lets loose. Synths move the music with heavy machinery force in the choruses.

Listening to this EP feels swanky. The music is round, full and uplifting with a nuanced retro touch. Psychedelic Neil Young “Girl, You’ll Be A Woman Soon” vibes? Check. Flavors of “Bonita Applebum” by A Tribe Called Quest and a bit of Tank and The Bangas? Absolutely. Original? Hard hitting? Genuine? Yes, yes, yes! Cello/Phn is trailblazing his own way and with his new EP, What Happened To Monday, he shows us he’s already en route.

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