“Chains” 2022’s Party Anthem By DBMK

There’s a phrase I mumble to myself when I hear a standout track which is “this is as good as anything I’ve ever heard.” The Nashville based alt-pop duo DBMK have rendered me speechless with their new single “Chains.” The first words that popped into my head as I played their new track were “Wow!” “What?!?!?” “Who?” “Oh my god…” This single is bananas!!! Vocalist Kyle Knudsen and drummer Colton Ward have created quite the opus. I’m going to go ahead and declare this the party anthem of 2022.

“Chains” begins with a strummed guitar and tenderly sung vocals that beautifully rest over the music like foam on a cappuccino. When the drum loop comes into the mix, the song sways in a Postal Service kind of way. Kyle’s falsetto touches are brilliant and lead us into power pop heaven. The chorus is sheer bliss as the Ramones style guitar comes down like silver confetti. I can just imagine hearing this song at a live show and the crowd going bonkers. I envision people quickly leave their place in line at the bar to hit the dance floor once they identified song’s opening notes. The band taking the tempo down towards its conclusion was a great call. The adjustment gives us variation and sets us up for an ultra-climactic finish. In my opinion, the half temp outro complements the track with a Twenty-One Pilots vibe.

Listen to “Chains” below

The evolution of an artist is so important to both the artist and the fans. It’s the evolution of the artist that keeps them relevant as the years roll on and keeps the fans engaged. I went down the timeline of DBMK’s music via their Spotify and the rule stays true. They had amazing success with their 2020 singles “Rot” and “City” both accumulating over a million streams. With their 2021 single “Touch” they grew as songwriters. They incorporated more sounds and more nuances to their music. The fans have responded with sold out shows across the country. I now understand why their new single “Chains” is so good. It’s part of their evolution and I’m anxious to hear what comes next.

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