The “Echoes” Of Third Development Will Be Heard Far And Wide

Let’s take a step back in time with Third Development. Their latest single “Echoes” is an instant hit that will take you back to the sultry and soulful elements of the 80’s and 90’s. Reminiscent of the best of 90’s R&B there’s a lot of passion to be found within this nearly four-minute-long track.

“Echoes” follows up Third Development’s successful release of their debut album The Thought of Tomorrow. Critics and fans alike recognized that Third Development was offering listeners a reprieve when they tuned into their music. Each song gives folks a chance to relax and unwind, letting your mind dance along with the track and let go.

Upon the first few seconds of “Echoes” you’ll find yourself completely enchanted and in tune with the soundscape Third Development has created. The female vocals are hypnotizing and sensual, drawing you into the fantasy within this song. Moments of spoken word break up the fluidity that the vocals and instrumentals created, giving listeners a fun change of pace to keep them intrigued.

Listen to “Echoes” below

It’s clear that Third Development know exactly what they’re doing. They’re looking to craft music that can move people and transcend the boundaries we put on ourselves, and they’re doing exactly that. “Echoes” is mature, catchy, and riveting; everything you’d ever want in a single.

Having released their debut album and two singles over the course of the last year it’s evident that there is no sign of Third Development slowing down. Be sure to keep an eye out for more tantalizing music from them in the new year.

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