Chaos Pixel – Prepare To Enter Another Realm

New artists are not meant to just copy music that they like and reproduce something all too similar.  An innovative artist will take parts from multiple genres that they connect with and develop their own original style by blending what works to them.  Our recent find Chaos Pixel has taken years of personal music listening and turned it into something that is all his own.

Growing up in the 90’s in Denmark, the artist behind the project known as Chaos Pixel dove deep into the underground electronic genres.  He picked up influence from psytrance, goa, and dubstep to create music that puts your mind into another realm.  There will never be one style that Chaos Pixel sticks to.  Instead the experimentation will continue from the ideas bouncing around in his head.  Chaos Pixel always keeps his ears open for new sounds to learn from and use as he sees fit.

Chaos Pixel

The latest album from Chaos Pixel is Antichamber.  The 12 track record is a large undertaking that aims to tell the story of an alternate reality through sound.  Right from “Intro” you know you are in for something quite different.  On songs like “Biological Experiments” noises seem to come in from far outer space to weave a web of sound that takes your mind to a deeper level.  There is a more dancey vibe to “Mothership Beacon” that will get anyone who is listening to start bopping their head.  The sounds hidden underneath are calling.  The buildup brings you to “Exiting The Antichamber” as a sort of climax and letdown as nature creeps into the mix to relate to where we all are now.  Enjoy the interesting music video here:



This is a record that demands a full listen from start to end as it is more of an experience that a collection of songs.  Go enjoy a listen and purchase the record at:

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