We always try to keep on top of talented artists that we cover here at Indie Band Guru and see what they are up to from time to time.  Our friend Chase Enriquez stopped by to say hello again and brought some more original music with him.

Chase Enriquez
The Los Angeles based singer/songwriter has been around the country and developed his own personal style combining the energy of rock music with the phrasing and lyricism of classic hip hop.  Chase has hooked up with INgrooves/Fontana for full digital distribution of his latest track “Mars”.  The song opens with an ominous feel and dark chords until Chase’s vocals hit bringing the song to an anthemic level.  He then breaks down with some rapping flows that draw the listener in paying attention to what he has to say.  The pretty chorus with its piano fills and building vocal cadence set the tone for an epic song.  Chase Enriquez has done it again making something that is deeper and more professional than most of the pop crap that fills the mainstream radio today.  Keep up with what is next for this rising star at: http://www.chaseenriquezonline.com/

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