When a young band forms it is often very tempting for them to just copy what is successful out there at the time and try to ride on the coattails of others.  These bands never last.  For long term success a band must be themselves and turn out something fresh and new.  Our latest find Sono Vero seems to be on the right track.

The Southern California based band combines a mix of classic reggae with rock and hip hop influences to create their own original style of music.  The sound has been catching on as Sono Vero has been spreading it touring throughout the country.  Their self-titled EP climbed to the Top 10 iTunes reggae albums chart and single “Never Say Goodbye” remained the most requested song on KGUP 106.5 FM for 18 weeks.

Sono Vero

Now Sono Vero is back with their newest EP “Roses For The Reckless”.  The 5 song record is ready to welcome even more fans to the crowd.  Their music is real and shares real life stories on tracks such as “Leave With You” and “Back And Forth”.  The lead single “End Of Forever” crosses the mainstream boundary and is ready for the masses with its catchy chorus and mellow sing along beat.   The rap bridge brings in another style to the mix.  There is something here for everyone.

We had a chance to sit down with Sono Vero recently and get the story behind their rise.  Enjoy the interview below:

The words Sono Vero roll off the tongue nicely. How did you come up with that name?

Sono vero in Italian means “i’m/we are real” and we hold that to be a key factor of our music. In this day and age everyone is fitting in. But we feel we are a true representation of ourselves. And nothing short of it.

Your music is quite a fresh take on reggae. How would you describe your sound?

Our music is our take on California. We feel as though we almost personify California for all its worth. Not just in one facet of it. From the beach to the city. We involve hip hop rock and reggae.

What other artists influenced your music?

We have a very large appetite for music. Our influences range from the Dirty Heads to The 1975, to Chance the Rapper.

Southern California is known for some very original music. How is Sono Vero setting themselves apart?

We represent every facet of California combining the defining genres of it all into a fusion of one.

The band has been getting around and performing across the country. How have the crowds accepted your music?

We have been incredibly lucky in that regard. Since we started out predominantly reggae we drew sort of a reggae crowd. Which are just some of the most chill, deep people you’ll ever come across if you dig deep enough.

Sono Vero has been getting recognition at home too.  Were there some awards?

Yes. We were actually lucky enough to take home the 2014 Artists In Music Award for Best Reggae Artist. Our fans were super supportive in voting for us as always. And luckily the judges saw it that way too. It was a great experience.

Seems like the band is on the right track to stardom. What is next for Sono Vero?

We can’t divulge everything new for Sono Vero, but we don’t disappoint when comes to putting in the work for our fans. There positive feedback is so driving, its unreal. With that being said an album is on the way. With much much more to follow along with it.
Follow the band at: http://www.sonoveromusic.com/

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