When a groove gets into your soul now it is necessary to get it on to tape.  This is much quicker and easier with today’s technology.  Wish I had some of the jams I came up with on tape from the days past when I was floating on a higher plane.  Luckily I think some of them might have drifted into the conscious of our latest find Bifunkal.


The two-piece outfit from Chicago is the epitome of funky grooves being laid down.  Bifunkal relies on live looping, vocal bass, and the power of rock to produce some sounds that will meld into your brain.  Members Hershyl Edwards and Jesse Cryderman play off of eachothers influence to put down the sounds as they come up.

Recently Bifunkal has hit the studio to produce their debut record Animals.  They spared no expense and went to Austin, TX to track the album to two-inch tape with Matt Simon at Eastern Sun Studios.  They then had it mixed by Chris Harden at  IV Lab Studios in Chicago which has housed such luminaries as Umphreys McGee, Fallout Boy, and Billy Corgan.  From the snippet we have heard the results are there.  The first single “Triceratops” seems to go in every direction imaginable while still sticking to the gooey groove.  If your head isn’t bopping to this you better check your neck.  Take a listen below:

Keep up with Bifunkal at their Facebook:


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