Anyone who wants to be in this crazy business we call music has to be willing to work their ass off.  In addition to that an artist must be willing and able to wear many hats and do the jobs needed to give their music the best sound possible and the exposure it deserves.  We recently discovered the talents of Cheena Black.

The NYC native recently released her single “I Love You” to her growing fanbase.  It is a soulful rendition of true emotion.  Cheena Black’s silky voice sets the mood for a romantic evening and she has the bravery to say what she truly feels.

We had a chance to speak with Cheena recently and get into the backstory of this rising star.  Enjoy the interview below:

Cheena Black

First of all, what inspired your moniker Cheena Black?

since  i was  a kid my mother  maria hernandez  always  called  me  by  the name  of cheena pronounced in spanish  i ran with the nickname  ever  since .now  my  last name black long story short  lol people  always  told me  i sound black  every time  i sang a song  even though  i am  half  black and  spanish  but nobody  knew that.


From a young age you had success as a dancer, what pushed you toward the musical side?

i went to ridgewood  dance studio in  queens new york  and i remember back when  mary j blige  came out with that song  real love. i knew  in my heart  that what  i  wanted  to  do is sing and be just like her and  all i did  was  sing  all her songs  as  i grew older  i left  dancing  ever since my grandmother  passed away at the age  of 14, i got depressed and started to sing my pain away .started  a girls group  named  choosen  one  in high school .i got involved  in many talented  show and show cases i even joined  a church choir . me and  my  friends that where all so involved  in music use to sing  in the train station  just  being  creative . i love  music  music  is my life …


You are also involved in graphic design and engineering, how do you put all these aspects together?

i’m a  fast learner all this  take time and also i have great friends who are willing  to teach me  what  i  know  .i never  went to school for none of the things i  know . i am  bless


You have been developing your sound for a while, how would you describe it now?

ive been  developing  my voice  on my own  without a vocal trainer  gotta give my self  some props for  that.but   to describe  my voice  i think  im pretty smooth  when i sing  a love song  and when i hurting  in my songs u can hear and feel my pain  my struggle .. im  the best of both worlds

Brooklyn, NY is well known for Hip Hop, how has your locale influenced your sound?

it was tough living  in  the hood in brooklyn back then  in the 90s ..when i was  growing  up  everybody i knew  had  love  4 music.  i use to be  in cypher session all the  fellas  dropping  them  gem free styling and me  humming  in the background singing on some mary j blige type flow. hip-hop has a huge influences in my sound  of music today u can hear it threw my  songs i do consider  myself  a hip-hop soul artist ..

What artists would you say had the most impact on you?

mary j blige , faith evans, erykah badu, lauryn hill


Tell us about why you started Black Monrow Music?

i do everything  from taking my photos, makeup, graphic,  engineer my music , i write my own songs, i think it a great time for  me  to start  my  independent label.


What is next for Cheena Black?

I recently  drop   my single  I love you produced by  june marx (of twin perils) and  my second single  hey boy produced by namelessmuzic   dropping my  mixtape  Black 2 the future  in aug  to  represent  the album love & struggle doing  a couple of video this year  and shows.

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