We continue to keep our eyes and ears open for outstanding music from around the world.  Some styles remain in only certain corners of the globe while others escape to be experienced by citizens of the earth.  A recent find of ours is now ready to be heard by the world.  Let us introduce Arstidir.


The band hails from the small yet immensely beautiful nation of Iceland.  Arstidir creates their own innovative style of chamber-pop.  Music that is perfect for huge arena sized venues but intimate enough for a small gathering in a cafe.  The group is made up of Daníel Auðunsson ­ Guitar & vocals, Gunnar Már Jakobsson ­ Guitar, Baritone guitar & vocals, Karl James Pestka – Violin & vocals, and Ragnar Ólafsson ­ Piano & vocals.  Each member uses their own unique voice and interesting instrumentation to build together into one cohesive unit.  Over the past 6 years Arstidir has toured through over 30 countries developing the sound that they have become known for by an ever-growing fanbase.  This year those numbers should grow as the group hs headlining tours planned for Europe, Japan and will even be coming to the US in the summer of 2015.

Earlier this month Arstidir released their 4th album entitled Hvel.  The 12 track record is a full experience to withhold.  From the early and ominous notes of opener ”Himinhvel” you know something different is in store for you.  There is a pop ballad feel to “Things You Said”  This is one of the few songs with English vocals but they sound as natural as their native tongue and quite pretty.  The classical sounds of “Ro” provide even more beauty to the album.  The relaxing tone is filled with sounds coming from all angles to wash over you.  Hvel is a record meant to be listened from front to end.  The closer “Unfold” will raise your attention and leave you with a delicious taste in your mouth and an indescribable urge to seek out Arstidir and experience a live performance.  We will be aiming for the show on June 29th at Rockwood Music Hall in NYC.  Follow more tour dates and get more from the band at: http://www.arstidir.com/

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