A band that creates music without the aim of fitting into any predetermined genre can be quite liberating.  Create from within and you will find many more like minds that can appreciate the music than you think.  One such group that does this in a very successful way is our recent discovery Human Behavior.

Human Behavior

The project based in Tucson, Arizona is the brainchild of songwriter and videographer Andres Parada who has been accompanied by an ever changing lineup ranging from one to thirteen members.  Since their start in 2012 Andres has used the music to portray his manic-depressive lows and orchestral highs.  The genre is a tough one to describe but a kind of dark freak-folk Americana is the closest I can get.  Human Behavior is more than just a band though, there is a full performance art side to the project.  Their shows are accompanied by video art projected on vintage televisions throughout the venue.  They have performed at such varies places as clubs, art galleries, theaters, living rooms, and caves.

The group is currently touring in support of their new album Bethpage.  The 8 track album is laid out like a full story.  In fact the song titles range from “Chapter 1” to “Chapter 8”.  To dispel any thought of this being a standard album the opener “Chapter 1” is a 10 minute opus that introduces the infectious and varied sounds of Human Behavior.  There is almost true folk americana feel to “Chapter 4” with its minimalistic touches of acoustic guitar and dual vocals.  The true beauty of the song can shine through here.  It is difficult to take this record track by track but once the listener gets to the closing track “Chapter 8” and its eerie atmospheric sound they are due to realize that they just had more of an experience than just listening to an album.  Go get yourself a full listen here: https://humanbehaviormusic.bandcamp.com/album/bethphage

Dive more into Human Behavior at: http://www.humanbehaviormusic.com/


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