Sometimes it takes a band years to put it all together and produce music worthwhile of sharing with the masses.  In other circumstances everything seems to just come together and fit perfectly right from the start.  A seemingly good example of the latter is our recent discovery Chemical Refugee.

The three-piece band hails from the grimy red light district of Sydney, Australia.  They let their surroundings bleed into their music in a raw and real way.  Chemical Refugee is not just a band but a lifestyle for the band members who put everything they have into the creation of their art.

The first single release by the band is “Therapy Song”.  There is both a raw edge to the track as well as an experimental side using some interesting production tools.  The sludge-style moves forward dragging the listener along for a trippy ride.  

The single comes with a truly original music video that furthers the Chemical Refugee mission to just be yourself, there is nothing wrong with you.  Enjoy it here:


Keep an eye on these guys, there is much more to come.

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