One of the best ways to get up your skills and over any performance anxiety is to form a cover band.  You get to focus on learning how to play music without the pressure of writing original songs.  This stage experience is essential for anybody who wishes to have a successful career on it.  The band Seagrave has lived this evolution through the years.


After forming as a cover band way back in 2004 they started adding more and more of their own original music to the sets over the years and are now a full fledged metal band with just a few covers thrown in to keep with their roots.  The current Seagrave lineup consists of Michael Henneken – vocals, Ari-Matti Rintala – guitars, Elmo Karjalainen – guitars & backing vocals, Petri Isomäki – bass and Vesa Kolu – drums.  Together they produce a sound that combines all the best of the power metal of yesterday with modern techniques that show off a new take on the genre.

As the summer ended Seagrave released their biggest project to date in the full length album End Of Silence.  The 10 song album shows what years of practice and performing together can create.  Straight from the opener “Airborn” the speed and power of the band is put on free display.  The title track “End Of Silence” shows of some melodic metal that takes the listener on an exciting ride with emotional vocals and guitar solos that will wake up any lover of the instrument.  Seagrave shows their range with “The Citadel”, a slowed down ballad style classic that is as pretty as it is powerful at times.  The speed is the focus on “Immortal” as all the band members take their turns showing off amazing endurance and the strength to lead.  This one will get your blood pumping immediately.  The album closes with “Farewell”, another melodic piece that lets Michael’s vocals pour with feeling hitting notes making any singer jealous.  Keep up with more from the band at: 

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