In today’s modern music world there is no longer a need to be stuck in only one genre.  In fact it is now encouraged to develop your own original sound using a wide range of musical influences.  We recently came across a nice mix of styles by H.O.P.E.

She was born and raised in South Africa listening to a wide range of music and chooses to not be categorized into any one genre.  With this H.O.P.E. has the freedom to just make good music as she sees fit.  In the past her sound was a fusion of R&B/Pop with Reggae and African influences.

Produced by Revolution Entertainmen,, the newest project by H.O.P.E. is called “Butterflies”.  It is an experiment into the world of Dance music.  From the very start of the track you would think this has been her genre for a long while.  The electronic beat creates an aura of energy surrounding your body bringing up an instant desire to dance.  The lyrics tell of that nervous feeling in your stomach when you meet that special someone.  Everyone has had this and it makes H.O.P.E.’s music relatable.  The production is top notch and ready for the clubs.  Get into her world now and hear more music at: 


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