The creative mind of a musician is tough one to keep clear at times.  When bad situations come up in life this mind can often go off track and lose its focus and imagination.  Pushing through these confusing times sometimes make for the best and most fulfilling music.  Our recent find KnowledgeBorn07 has come out the other side with love.


The South Bend, Indiana native does not confine his music to any one genre but instead lets all music speak to him creating a laid back style that is now the sound of KnowledgeBorn07’s and partner producer John Gray.  He was in the process of putting together a record when tragedy struck and he lost 2 of his uncles.  This derailment sent Knowledge into a rut of despair and lack of any motivation to finish the album or even put out any music again.  Fortunately true friend John Gray was there to inspire him in this time of doubt and complete the project.

The result was the EP The Meaning Of It All.  The 6 track record has a focus on love and keeping your loved ones close because tomorrow is never guaranteed.  The opener “Play Like A Champion” sets the chill vibe with a happy beat letting KnowledgeBorn07 share his unique vocal style at the forefront.  There is positivity here.  There is a beach relaxation aura that came to me while listening to “True Love” bringing to mind Jack Johnson and the soulful singers of the West Coast scene.  Mike DeGuzman provides some truly elegant piano and organ pieces here.  This is continued on “Chillin By The Seaside” but with a more psychedelic feel as random sounds and vibrations seem to come from every angle of the speakers.  This leads to the closer “Pay It Forward” which is a more mellow hip hop based jam as KnowledgeBorn07’s flow leads the way to a place of relaxation and beauty.  Get in the right mindset and take a listen for yourself at: 

Find out more at: 

twitter- KnowledgebornO7

Instagram- Butchy_Bees_Wax

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