Children of Pop Back with New LP

Children of Pop

Finding music that keeps you on your toes and maintains a certain mystery about it is always a treasure for me. I love not knowing what turn a song will take, and the anticipation of what beat is going to pump through my speakers next is extremely exciting.

That being said, I must introduce you to Children of Pop, also known as Chase DeMaster. Since his freshman album was dropped back in 2013, the world has been missing out on his experimental sound. With his latest release, the just dropped on May 6 What Does 69 Mean, he masters the mixing of EDM sounds with synthesized beats.

Children of Pop Returns in Full Force

Now, we’re not going to discuss the title of this album, as there might be a few that are under 18 reading this, so let’s dive right into the tracks.

The first, which is titled “Manic,” starts off with a very steady beat and a bit of a zombie-like moaning sound in the background that’s just a tad bit scary. As the lyrics of the song start to kick in, they sound a bit ghostly as they fade away word by word into the background of the song. It’s entrancing, and the multitude of sounds that are being produced as you listen really draw you into the beat.


“Painin 4 Luuuuuuv” is the third track from the album, and yes I did have to count the number of U’s as I was typing. It’s a more upbeat track than “Manic,” and sounds somewhat like a ’90s tune that would be playing at a dance club.

The lyrics are not clear to me with this one but, with the rise and fall of the vocals, you really don’t need to understand what is being said to feel it in your bones. The tempo of the song stays similar throughout, and I must say I was expecting something a bit different. Although it’s not lacking in any way, I was anticipating some tempo change at some point.

“Don’t Change For Love” is the 10th and final track on the album, and starts off with quite the beautiful piano number. As there is a moment of silence after the piano stops, the lyrics kick in and they are beautiful to say the least. Definitely not anything that I was expecting, given the previous songs, but it’s a very nice and smooth transition.

DeMaster hits the high notes perfectly in this one, and there’s a softness to the vocals that really sets this track over the top. The steady thumping beat that erupts in the background halfway into the track sounds 1,000 times better when listened to through headphones, and you can really feel it going through your whole body.

After almost three years, Children of Pop is back and his LP Paradise is a worthy entry into his catalog.


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