A musician with goals of success will find any and all opportunities to promote their music and themselves.  An artist that works hard to get known will get their music in front of as many people as possible.  One, often under-looked, promotional opportunity is entering songwriting contests.  A good example is our recent discovery, Chris Clark.

The Singer-songwriter from Flint, Michigan works a day job that takes him on the road all over the world.  This does help him gain inspiration to write plenty of songs but it does limit the time he has to play local gigs or become part of any one scene.  His songs are full of happy melodies and raw emotion that Chris lets loose into his storytelling style.

To counteract this lack of ability to remain in one place and build friendships/fans Chris has recently entered the Guitar Center Singer-Songwriter 3 contest.  He has shared a lyric video for the song ‘In Love And Light’ with just him and his guitar to showcase his likable image and talent.  Go give him some support and a listen and see what all the fuss is about at:   http://songwriter.revimage.com/channels/Chris+Clark

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