Circles Release Video for ‘Dream Sequence’


Melbourne, Australia-based group Circles just dropped the last track on their album, complete with the surreal, well-made music video for “Daydream Sequence.”


Formed in 2010, Circles is a four-piece metal outfit leaning more into the prog-rock genre, with strong guitar riffs and drum-work meshed with plenty of synth evident in most of their music. They initially made a splash in the prog-rock scene with their debut “Prelude,” and followed with their full-length EP, Compass, in 2011. Suffice it to say they’re a hard-working bunch and they continue to improve their art with time.


That said, there’s a fine line between the single and the music video.


The music video is spectacular, psychedelic and touched through and through by the otherworldly lyrics of the song, and the band did a great job with the clip. Reminiscent of ’80s psychedelic rock, synth rock, and a touch of grunge, everything from the lighting and the performance to the film-work is spectacular and holographic. It’s actually quite brilliant for a self-made music video, done from the comforts of their own studio.


The video follows the front-man through his subconscious, coming face to face with what Circles drummer and video producer, Dave Hunter, calls, “an inevitable world of change.” Our protagonist shifts from a place free of negative feelings within his mind to one that is consumed by darkness and, indeed, change. It seems to symbolize the group’s struggle to fit in with the scene, perhaps, or how much their work or their personal lives have been touched by social or cultural affairs. It’s hard to tell, but they’re definitely trying to tell a story through life experience.

Of course, while the music video hails strong, the song was lyrically strong and instrumentally sound, but only just so. The prog-rock synth undertones and the fantastic metal performance were prominent throughout the song; however, I felt that the chorus lacked a decent melody, which is essential for musical enjoyment overall. No matter how heavy the song might be, a good catch is necessary to keep listeners listening.


While there’s a lot of potential in their current work, this song might not be one of the strongest on the track-list. I’m no prog-rock expert, but like any music-lover, I find that every good song needs a climax. Here’s to hoping the rest of their album delivers!


The Last One is available for pre-order now, and is officially released on August 31.

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