Megan O'Neill

2015 saw Megan O’Neill burst onto the scene with her debut release Coming Home. Since then her music has gone from strength to strength. It has seen her perform across the UK and America, including the prestigious Bluebird Café in Nashville, Harvest Festival, and Nashville Meets London Festival.


O’Neill now returns with her new album Ghost of You which her fans were eager to hear. This collection of songs expands on her country foundations by bringing in new sounds. Fans need not worry as her musical roots still shine on the tracks “Tell You to Leave” and “Without.”


O’Neill introduces the use of the piano to give this release a new dimension. It seems to add more of an emotional atmosphere which the pop-driven ballads “Ghost of You” and “Bottle” showcase. Both are huge favorites with listeners to the album. You can understand why as the gentle sound lets her vocals breathe. As a result, her beautiful and effortless tone delivers captivating performances.

‘Ghost of You’ showcases are an artist who is not afraid to widen the scope of her sound


There are a few tracks which have a different feel, these stand out the most. One of them is “Any Younger,” with its stripped back acoustic sound and features a beautiful vocal performance. The biggest surprise from the album comes from the song “Don’t Come Easy.” It is the first time you get to her an edgier side to her music. It has a classic rock feel that includes a swagger to her tone which suits her. Maybe more like this in the future?


Overall, this is an impressive collection of songs from an artist who seems fearless in spreading her musical wings. With such a variety of sounds, there will be something for everyone on this album.


O’Neill has no plans to slow down as she is already working on the next album and plans to begin recording this October. If you want to catch her performing live, then you are in luck. There are plans to tour across the UK, US, Ireland, and mainland Europe next year.

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