Jeanne Vomit-Terror Releases Debut Album Empire Waste

jeanne vomit-terror

Jeanne Vomit-Terror has released a debut album Empire Waste through the Lexington, Kentucky based collective, Desperate Spirits.


Empire Waste mirrors the artist’s name with its unique brand of self-proclaimed “weirdness.” The eight tracks range from dystopian to groovy to synthetic to pop-y.


Track Listing:
01. The Preening
02. Tiger Training
03. Lost In Luxury
04. Jokes Come True
05. Axis Denied
06. Tell Me
07. The Author and His Egg
08. Cast No Shadow


The surprising combination is somehow not so surprising considering Vomit-Terror’s past works range from electro-pop to Italo disco and industrial noise. “Jokes Come True” is the particularly “weird” single from the album with its electric and tropical undertones that somehow, especially through the accompanying video, manage to be an experience that is both minimalistic and a sensory overload at the same time.

Vomit-Terror speaks on the single, “‘Jokes Come True’ is a sonic chop-shop job of Detroit techno and Latin freestyle with gaudy detailing of Egyptian modes and breathy insouciance” going on to say that, “The message is this: absurdity is the fundamental element of this reality, and if you learn to manipulate it like rolling mercury in your hands, you can score some real points in causality and reverse causality.”


The record plays like that of the “enigmatic avant-garde chanteuse” Vomit-Terror claims to be while the live show plays out more like carnivale type of experience with costumed musicians, dancers and “a general air of dangerous fun” making for a dance party and performance art extravaganza.


Desperate Spirits say the call to Jeanne Vomit-Terror is the call to “Close the door on reality forever!” where “the listener is submerged in the Quixotrix’s stream of consciousness: aleatory raga, paranoid dirge, faux musique concrète, daemonic doxology, all pause button-segued with Dolby NR decidedly ‘off.’”


Should we be afraid of Jeanne Vomit-Terror? Well, I guess that’s for you to decide.


You can keep up with the artist on their Facebook and check out more of their tracks on Bandcamp.

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