Savarre Shows Us Her “Scars”


The newest single, “Scars,” from SAVARRE is a cinematic anthem, telling of a journey through self-acceptance. This song is formed from the many facets of frontwoman Shannon Denise Evans, a singer-songwriter, composer, and in addition, a playwright, and novelist. The band puts together an avant-garde, indie-rock track that ultimately strives, and succeeds in telling its story.

SAVARRE has been steadily releasing material since 2020. They have already established their sound on the edgier side, full of rock influence in the instrumentation but dense in drama and composed with skillful musicianship.

Listen to SAVARRE’s “Scars” Here

Lyrically, “Scars” is a very vulnerable song. Shannon states that “For me, the experiences that created my scars made me stronger, smarter, and more resilient. I wear my scars proudly now; they are markers on a path that led me back to myself”. The raw vocal delivery opens the song up to more deeply impact the listener. Evans impressively conveys her authentic emotions, for instance, using her singing and lyricism as a medium.

The sound on this track is undeniably haunting, ambient, and ethereal, with fragile sounding piano and guitar. The instruments echo back and forward throughout the track. The electronic percussion builds up the energy on the track and brings a unique texture to this operatic rock track.

If you enjoyed “Scars,” check out some of SAVARRE’s previous work. Keep up with them to see what they are looking forward to in the future. They already have an established sound and are sure to keep up their steady stream of quality singles.

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