New Age Disco Boys Are Ready To ‘Smile For The Camera’

New Age Disco Boys

One of the best things about listening to new music is never really knowing what you are going to get. When we first got the music of the New Age Disco Boys we thought we knew what we would hear when we hit play. We were VERY wrong.


That name did not prompt much expectation for a post-punk band. New Age Disco Boys got their start back in 2015 in Bergen, Norway when guitarists Andri Szarvas and Markus Slåttvik came up with the idea. Finding similar thinking musicians was not hard and the band was on their way.


This past May, New Age Disco Boys released their debut album Smile for the Camera. The 12 track album was recorded at Duper Studio with Arve Stigen as producer. In their classic misdirection style, the album opens with “Ballad” which combines droning sounds with spoken word vocals, and aggressive guitar noodling.


The band’s unique genre-bending style is featured on “Up The Wall”. The energy is infectious as the guitars pair with call to action vocals that are sure to be repeated by the masses attending a NADB show. The powerful “Bastard Son” continues this raw energy that just pours into your ears.



We are treated to an interesting progressive edge on “Rooftops” with the band showing true expertise with their instruments and the commanding voice of Morten Revheim leading the charge. The vocals continue their power but the sound goes in a different direction on “Waste Time” as we are treated to a more emotional tone with an almost ballad style to it. It seems like New Age Disco Boys can go in any direction they see fit and will be the life of the party no matter what.


We had a chance to chat with the band and try to get inside their very interesting minds. Here is the interview:


So where did the name New Age Disco Boys come from?

When we started the band we wanted a name where listeners had no clue what to expect just from the name itself, so we took it a step further and went for straight up misdirection. So people going to our shows expecting to find out what New Age Disco sounds like are in for a show of something new.


How would you describe your sound?

It’s New Age Disco of course.


Which bands have had the biggest influence on the New Age Disco Boys career?

We have a lot of different genres in the band and everyone draws inspiration from many bands and artists, but most of all we draw a lot of inspiration from the Bee Gees and ABBA.


Norway has been known for some dark metal. What is the punk rock scene like there?

There are so many good punk rock bands coming from Norway these days and makes some amazing music, where to even start? Just here in Bergen we have bands like Sløtface, Blood Command, Taking Names and much more on the rise internationally. There’s a lot of open mic nights and jam-sessions around the city, so there’s a lot of opportunities to have some fun on a stage and grab a beer with like-minded punk-rockers!


What is the songwriting process for the band?

Usually each of us come up with song ideas by ourselves and bring it to the band and we end up with something completely different. Other times we just jam and improvise until we find a groove or feel we want to explore, and then we jam and work on the idea for some weeks until we got a song going on.


What do you hope your fans take away from your music?

Whatever and as much as they want to take, sharing is caring.


Give us some tips to share with other bands creating new original music?

To not overthink it too much and try to feel out what sounds make you want to move, and of course have fun with it. Make songs you want to dance and move to yourself.


What are the future plans for the New Age Disco Boys?

Currently we are in the process of making a new EP which we are really excited about. We are trying out some new stuff and see what we can hammer out of our sound with new elements added. Maybe a small tour is on the horizon, maybe world domination.


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