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Last year saw Indie Band Guru shine a spotlight onto the talents of the indie rock band City of Sound. The feature Welcome to The City of Sound highlighted how they have been causing a storm with their big atmospheric sound and impressive lyrical depth. Their debut EP The Apartment Diaries showed that these were a group of musicians that were destined to go far.


Since then, City of Sound have been busy in the studio working on their debut album Silent Empire. Looking at their social media accounts, you can feel the excitement and pride they have for what they’ve created. “Odessey” is the first track to be released, with more to follow over the coming months.


When asked about Silent Empire, Vocalist Jordan Wright said “The whole album is based on the journey of reflection, something I believe we’ve come to ignore in society. Odyssey is the beginning of that journey, it’s the idea that the journey to becoming something greater begins when we have hit the bottom. The album is built around a character named ‘Empire’ and her decision to stop trying to find identity outside herself, but to finally face what lies within.”


What does “Odyssey” have to offer? It starts with a gentle intro before their trademark big atmospheric sound comes in. It is not long before Wright delivers yet another impressive vocal performance.

The music that the City of Sound creates is spellbinding


You can’t help but admire how he genuinely connects with the lyrics to deliver such natural emotion. You can hear it during the latter half of the song as he shows off his softer side. Especially when he shares the lines “So when the sky falls / stay around my love / for when the sky falls / so you can become / when the sky falls / stay around my love / for when the sky falls.”


Like all of their songs before, “Odyssey” has more of that big sound that has been grabbing many people’s attention. For such a small group of individuals, they come together to create something that can fill arenas. It feels like an expression of the conviction that each musician has for what the band creates. Again, their use of the keys and violin are beautiful to hear.


Overall, City of Sound are continuing to grow as musicians and songwriters. But, they never fail to create something that deserves attention. If this is a sign of what we can expect from the new album Silent Empire, then we can expect something special.

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