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Thanks to an infectious sound and their army of fans (known as Beautiful Savages), City of Sound are a band who are causing a stir in the world of music. This LA three-piece are made up of Jordan Wright (vocals, piano), Andrew Leigh (guitar) and Lacey Ammar (violin). Together they deliver something which blends various genres to their indie rock foundations. 2016 saw them release their debut EP, The Apartment Diaries, and with it a statement to say that they mean business.

As soon as their EP begins with “Afterglow” you are instantly introduced to what City of Sound has to offer. This is a loud stadiumesque sound that is full of life and energy that needs to run free. For a small group of musicians, they seemed to have mastered how to make a big captivating noise and it reflects the passion they have for what they do.

Listening to each song and the various layers of beats, violins, guitars, and piano show these have been assembled with purpose. It wants you to come along on their journey that paints a stunning audio landscape that you can’t resist. Everyone contributes so much to this atmospheric soundtrack but it is Jordan’s skills on the keys that seems to steal the show. They are used to add so much emotion and added depth that helps to give each track its own soul.

The lyrical side of things reflects the tone set by the music. They have a nice way to balance depth and killer hooks with their words. The is delivered to perfection by Jordan’s vocal presence which is yet another highlight from this release.

Overall, ‘The Apartment Diaries’ is a wonderful debut release that showcases nothing but amazing talent. With outstanding tracks such as ‘Wake Up’ and ‘I for One’ this EP deserves your time. Head over to City of Sound’s Spotify page (click HERE) and listen to this EP in full. If you like what you hear then grab yourself a copy from the usual online places like Amazon and iTunes.

‘City of Sound have confirmed with their debut release that they are here and they mean business’.

2017 has been an amazing year for the band and things are going from strength to strength. They are currently in the studio working on their debut album ‘Silent Empire’ and they are also planning a US tour. There is so much going on and to keep up to date with it all you can visit their website at CityofSoundMusic.com. Alternatively, you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Independent music like this needs fans like us to help spread the word. If you like what you hear from City of Sound then go tell the world about it TODAY!

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