IBG Interview Series with MAZEMENT


Some of us are lucky enough to know our passion for music early in life. We are able to grab opportunities at a young age and let a wide variety of influences shape a unique sound. We recently came across MAZEMENT who knew what he wanted before he even hit his teenage years and has not stopped learning and growing since. We caught up with the genre-bending artist as he just released his new single “Number One”. Enjoy the interview here:

First off, how did you become known as MAZEMENT?

I attended Scratch DJ Academy when I was 11, and a teacher there gave me the name do to my DJ style from what I remember, after rebranding throughout the years it stuck with me.

Your sound is quite unique, how would you describe it? Who were your influences?

There’s a wide range of musicians that have inspired me throughout the years from Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins), Trent Reznor (NIN), etc. But 2 others that I still seem to reflect on to this day would have to be Richie Valens (50’s Rock), and The Beastie Boys (90s).

You have just taken another step forward and released the single “Number One”. Tell us how the song came together?

I have expressed my passion for 50s rock for years, and have never really been able to incorporate the sound I wanted from it, due to either not playing the guitar or not having the right resources. Fortunately, when I came up with the idea for Number One, I was able to create exactly what I heard in my head, which came out as the retro dance track that Number One is.


This one has lots of energy. How fun is it to perform “Number One”?

Since it’s a brand new release I haven’t performed it yet, but I honestly can’t wait. I think this will be my best song to watch live due to that energy you hear. Performances are currently booking for dates very soon though.

There seems to be a message in all your tracks. What is MAZEMENT trying to share with the listener on “Number One”?

Even though most of my recent releases have a comedic sense to them (including number one), I always try to deliver a message from both angles. For instance, Number One was written for those who have fantasized about being with someone who in reality would never work out for them. On the other hand, from the perspective of the character I play in the song, it brings a comedic side from the perspective of an arrogant guy who seems to think he’s perfect, which I’m sure plenty of people out there have encountered similar personalities. 

What is next for MAZEMENT?

For now just keeping the pedal to the floor on getting as many people as I can to hear this single. do some shows very soon…and possibly another release in the winter…

What advice would you give to other artists on the rise?

Don’t ever lose your drive to make your music, focus on the things that motivate you most and make you happy, and keep writing, keep creating.

Keep up with more from MAZEMENT on his own WEBSITE.