Woochia Will Enter Your Mind Through Sound


If you are willing to open your ears, there is music everywhere. Let every sound act as a potential influence and your mind can create beautiful and melodic music. Our recent discovery Woochia has taken this to the next level with his imaginative and eclectic sound.

Originally from Paris, France and now based in London, the music and video producer finds the true beauty of everyday sounds and has found an amazing talent for combining them into his own unique signature. No instrument is off limits for Woochia. From guitar to percussions, from bass to didgeridoo, everything has its place.

Aside from these everyday sounds, Woochia claims influence from progressive rock bands such as Tool and Rishloo. He implements wide atmospheric tones and meditation sounds in his music as well. You may hear Tibetan sounds or Inuit throat singing in any track. At the University of Evry, He studied musicology to continue his years of composing computer-based music.

The multi-faceted artist is also known for his YouTube Channel where he shares how he processes some of his sounds as well as some musical challenges.

Are you prepared for your ‘Travels’ With Woochia?

The latest release from Woochia is the imaginative Travels EP. The 6 track record is meant to capture the feeling of being on the road and the mind wanders while the landscapes pass by just outside the window.  



The opener “Bus” creates a stirring beat and the feel of movement right from the start. The elegant keyboard fills grab the mind and allow it to wander at will.

On “Soil” you can almost feel the earth below as some more exotic natural sounds are added to ground you. The spacy feel of the tickled strings adds another layer over the pounding bass beat. Your brain can take this one in any direction it sees fit.

Woochia has a way of naming his songs perfectly as well. With “Tunnels” the listener is transported to a lower realm seemingly below the ground with a dark tone leading the charge. The soundscape is full of somewhat random sounds that are all placed in the perfect spot to create this musical tapestry.

For the closer “Flow”, Woochia brings us back to the light with a meditative yet energetic track allowing our minds to once again open up to the endless possibilities if we just allow our ears to be open to the magical sounds around us.

I highly recommend a complete listen to the Travels EP from start to finish to refresh a tired or troubled mind. Choose your platform and follow Woochia for a more eclectic experience:








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