Son Little Shows Off Artistry in Latest Release

Son Little

There’s something to be said about artists that can transform their genre into something all their own. To be able to put your own personal spin on something as classic as jazz or blues is expected, but for some artists it’s what sets them apart from the entire crowd. For blues musician Son Little, this is done with ease.

Son Little Plays Between Genres

In his latest release, “O Me O My,” this Philly blues rocker transforms classic blues into his own soulful, journey that not only re-introduces the world to his incredible vocals, but also his visionary artistry.

From the very start Son Little easily crafts his own sound — blues with a twist. There’s just something different in Son Little’s style which propels him above the rest. Whether it be the track’s upbeat, plucky guitar or his silky smooth tone, this song has a hook you can’t ignore.

The song itself, while short, also has these cool, biting lyrics — like, “Oh me oh my / Feel my body going numb / And paranoia take control of my mind / Yeah put the pressure on my neck, / This ain’t no crocodile tears in my eye” — that give the listener an attitude they can vibe with. Not to mention Son Little incorporates effortless runs that work perfectly with the rest of the track’s smooth transitions.

In short, Son Little has created something both unique and telling. While he sings about these raw topics like heartbreak or losing control, he also plays in such a way that keeps his listeners upbeat and entertained.

The most exciting part of this is how it is only a taste, the single of an entire amazing album. “O Me O My” is the perfect introduction to his incredible capabilities. It’s the first cut from his latest LP, New Magic, which is bound to be musically revolutionary, at the very least.

You can check out his latest release New Magic here and keep up with Son Little here.

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