One of the best compliments a musician can receive about their music is that it is indescribable.  You know you are on to something when there is no easily comparable band to compare your sound to.  There is much of this music out there but it is hard to discover at times because many critics are afraid to take the risk of exposing it.  Well Indie Band Guru is here to introduce Claus Zinger to the music world.

Claus Zinger

The artist from Israel has created a sound that is unique but yet very listenable.  Claus Zinger takes an unorthodox approach to his music that he relates to his influences of artists such as Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen, and David Bowie.  He manages to combine sounds and genres from all over the sonic map.  There are touches of electronica, arena rock, and some straight up alternative rock.

The latest release by Claus Zinger is the When You Fall EP that was let out into the world earlier this month.  The 5 song record is a whirlwind of sound that will change your mind from one song to the next.  Opening track ‘Last Night’ is a spooky song with a dark slow beat and introspective lyrics that drags on and keeps the listener’s ear peeled.  On the title track ‘When You Fall’ Claus uses some vocal tuning tricks to produce a sound that seems like a sad robot sharing his most intimate thoughts.  This is an album for the deepest of listeners and it will require multiple listens to take it all in.  If you are up for the challenge go experience it at:

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