There are many artists that can sound great in a studio but can never translate that sound to the live setting.  It is a different animal and more than just good songs are needed to become a great stage performer.  There must be charisma and a swagger that sets up an artist as someone the fans look up to.  A recent artist we came across that seems to have that swagger is Louie Grit.

Louie Grit

The smooth tongued rapper from Colorado has been tearing up stages and exciting crowds wherever he goes.  Louie Grit claims inspiration from the pioneers of hip hop such as Run DMC, Public Enemy, and N.W.A.  It seems he has bottled some of their live energy and is keeping on the O.G. tradition.  He is not afraid to write about and share his own personal life experiences whether it be Substance abuse, addiction, and real life family struggles.

We were recently able to get a listen to a few of the tracks that Louie Grit has laid down in the studio.  His style is much more melodic than much of the rap out there today.  He incorporates soulful R&B beats and background vocals to make the sound much larger.  There is music to listen to instead of just a focus on the lyrics.  On ‘Work So Hard’ the tone of a relaxed vibe is set immediately as Louie tells the story of how hard he has worked to get where he is today.  The trend is continued on ‘My Life Story Sway Mula’.  This is a smooth jam that will have your head bopping before you even notice it.  Keep up with Louie Grit and his partners at Hood Music Entertainment at:

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