Most bands go through a lot of growing pains and numerous members before finding the right lineup.  Sometimes there is the rare exception when young kids get together and everything fits perfectly.  This seems to be the case with Closer Than We Appear, an alt rock band from Scituate, Massachusetts.  They formed in the spring of 2009 really just to enter their high school songwriting competition.  They have grown a lot since then playing shows at the MGM Grand Theatre at Foxwoods, the Hard Rock Cafe: Boston, as well as the Middle East and Club Passim in Cambridge.  This hard work lead to CTWA being selected as one of eight finalists in NAMM’s SchoolJam USA national battle of the bands.  They flew across the country to play in Downtown Disney as part of the 2012 NAMM Convention in Anaheim, California.  They also won the Berklee College of Music High School Battle of the Bands in April.  Get ready for the liftoff to fame.

Now Closer Than We Appear have released Evaluation Expressions, a 5 song EP that delves into feelings a lot deeper than their age suggests.  In fact if I was not told upfront I would have never guessed the ages of the band members.  Gabe Goodman’s vocals are very reminiscent of Ben Gibbard of Death Cab For Cutie, both in tone and expression.  The songwriting style is original and uses the full talents of each member of the band.  Piano, interesting guitar tones, synth, and simple bass lines make for great full sounding songs.  The lead single’ Evaluating Expressions’ is a mellow sing along with a beautiful sound throughout.  ‘Dodging Raindrops’ is a simple but sweet song that I would love to hear an acoustic version of.  The songs on this EP will win them the hearts of many teenage girls.  Hopefully love triangles won’t form and break this band up like too many other bands full of young men have fallen prey to.

Potential is here for great things in the indie/college rock scene with Closer Than We Appear.  They have already earned the respect of critics and professionals through the contests they have been in, and won, now is the time for their fanbase to grow along with that.  Go now and listen and love:

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