Since our last review was about a band that is barely out of high school we thought we would go to the other end of the spectrum today.  We had to head down to Florida, the retirement capital of America, to find them, but we found just what we were looking for in The fundaMentals.  They call themselves the world’s oldest living garage band and I think they may be right.

These guys have no shame and are here to be loud, obnoxious, and fun!  The’ Mentals do seem to hate what rock music has turned into today and try to bring it back to its roots.  Loud guitar, thundering bass and drums, and guttural vocals.  They recently released a full album entitled Get Off Our Lawn: A Rock and Roll Testimonial, poking fun at themselves once again with no remorse.  It is a raw album to say the least but with song titles like ‘She Wouldn’t Shut up’ and ‘It’s Good To Be Me’ you just have to give it a listen.  This record isn’t going to win any awards for songwriting or engineering quality but if you are looking for a good time it may be for you.

More than anything The fundaMentals seem like a band that needs to be seen live.  All the members seem to have the perfect Rock attitude to command your attention, and the costumes to match.  Think The Darkness without the high pitch vocals.  If you are an old school rock & roll lover that wants to have your face melted and ears bleed, find a spot to catch them live or as they say “catch ’em before they die.”


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